A little over a year ago I started looking at homes from afar to become a snowbird, calling several realtors many of whom either didn't call back, cared more about their commission than my needs, or had lack luster about their career; I'm also not a novice flipping many homes in the past up north. With that said, Rebecca truly was outstanding in every way possible! It DOES make a difference hiring broker who is very experienced A-Z - it can and will make or break a deal. She actually "listened" to my needs then guided me accordingly knowing each and every neighborhood or pocket of St Pete to find me a good fit. I happened to find a place that went on the market the that night, calling her before work hours the next morning not to mention we hadn't even personally met yet, dropping everything to be at the property on a moments notice. This was not a normal deal either, it was a hot property that had several offers immediately, but she whisked us off to her office to get the contracts out asap, all the while remaining in constant contact w/the other broker whom she had a very good rapport with. In addition, Rebecca made great suggestions throughout the negotiations which I was hesitant to accept because often I think I know it all, but her personality and knowledge allowed me to trust her which ultimately lead to edging out the other offers to get my home. Bottom-line Rebecca was the deciding factor in getting my home! Then to top it off she had a vacation planned having to leave prior to the closing but had a great business partner Fonda to assist w/any last minute questions or details all the while Rebecca kept checking in w/me despite being on vacation - now that's commitment. I would not waste my time writing such a glowing review had it not been earned in its entirety, HIRE REBECCA STEWART!!!
From dtweedy

Rebecca was right there helping me navigate through the whole process from beginning to end. Diligent search for my new home to find the perfect fit. Then took over with contacting and making appointments with all the various trades (appraisal, inspections, etc) that was required to put paperwork together for mortgage company. I am in my home now and her assistance was priceless!
From EPauley

I've now worked with Rebecca twice, one to purchase an inexpensive condo and to sell my primary residence. She is extremely knowledgeable. I appreciate that she worked as hard for a $500K sale as she did for a $50K one. Very easy to work with and honest. I will use her again.
From DStewart

The biggest benefit I gained from working with Rebecca is education. She patiently educated me on the different neighborhoods in the area, which ones better match my criteria (safe, close to shops and bars, no flood insurance…etc). She also provided insights into financing, different types of loans, what to expect for the mortgage process, short sales versus conventional owner sales..etc. All of this information would have taken me months to acquire on my own. I never felt pressured to go outside of my price range that I had initially set. At times, she even discouraged me from paying more for a property although that would result in higher commissions for her. I ended up buying a single family house with a detached mother-in-law suite with an existing tenant. As you probably have guessed, this comes with a unique set of challenges: How to handle the tenant screening, taking over an existing rental agreement, inspections and termite treatment of the property while the tenants are in place. Rebecca handled ALL of this professionally and easily, since she has a lot of experience in managing rental properties and rehabbing older ones.
From FG

Five months after moving from Colorado a couple realtors sent me sites via email. What a frustrating long process; then I met Rebecca Stewart. Within 48 hours she found me just what I needed. Rebecca is well versed in many subjects and extremely knowledgeable of the real estate market.
From JAttebury

Rebecca was an excellent agent to work with on the house I purchased. She understands all aspects of the real estate market from financing, to market analysis, to negotiating, to putting all the components together to get a deal done. She's much more than just someone who shows you a house. I would recommend her to anyone that is in the market to buy or sell a home.
From PJCronin

Excellent agent who is honest, fair and efficient. I would use her services without reservations.
From KPReddy

Rebecca is extremely helpful! We would never have been able to get the house without her. She was able to assist us in every single aspect of the home buying process and then some.
From VHartig

Rebecca Stewart has helped us purchase two condominiums and is in the process of helping us to sell our initial condo located in downtown Saint Petersburg. Rebecca was highly recommended to us by a mutual friend. She has all the qualities and traits that we look for to either help us purchase or sell property in the Saint Petersburg area---honest, dependable, and very responsive with a wonderful knowledge of the area and good relations with other agents. What I appreciate the most though is that Rebecca will tell you if expectations are realistic or unrealistic and she moves very quickly when a favorable deal is available.
From EDSmith

Rebecca is exemplary in her professionalism and work ethic. She sold my home very quickly and was extremely accommodating. I highly recommend Rebecca.
From Anhmd1

Three reasons we're grateful that Rebecca Stewart is our Real Estate Agent:1. Rebecca is the quintessential professional.2. Rebecca listens and hears our concerns.3. Rebecca is a mover and shaker. She gets the job done with style, grace and class!
From Patty Klubnick-Vogt

My husband and I could not have asked for more than Rebecca gave. The smoothest real estate transaction we have ever experienced. We knew she had our best interests at heart and respected our time by always being prompt, prepared and at the ready. We hope to be looking to buy again soon and Rebecca will be our "go to gal". She will not only be our trusted realtor but a true friend always.
From Valaree

A pleasure to work with, makes you feel like you are her only client.
From slrizzo